I began searching for Radovan Karadzic over six years ago. The day we've all been waiting for came today with the news of Karadzic's arrest in Serbia.

The world is a better place today than it was yesterday. Those of us interested in international criminal justice sometimes grow weary at the unfairness and impunity that are often the end results of the worst misconduct in the world by some of the worst people in the world.

But not today. Radovan Karadzic now will begin the process that will see him face the charges listed in his indictment of instigating genocide and intentionally killing thousands of Muslims in Bosnia between 1992 and 1995.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never thought this day would come.


8:19 PM  
Blogger WWB said...

Awesome. I had you blogrolled on my first blog, maybe four years ago.

Now that I see the update, I'd probably take back this tweet.

Glad to see you're back for this news.

8:38 PM  
Blogger buckblog said...

Happy to hear he has been captured.

8:45 PM  
Blogger Kirk Johnson said...

I am speechless. This is a great day for justice.

10:23 PM  
Anonymous God said...

Slow down kiddies.

(1) "We Got Him!"? "We" did not get him.

(2) Dr Karadzic has only been accused of various crimes. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't he (like everyone else) innocent until proven guilty?

Slow down kiddies and don't get all excited. You might pee pee your pants from joy.

Sit back, relax, and let the ICTY do its job.

10:44 PM  
Anonymous EI said...

No Dude... we got him.

12:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Serbian people have been attacked for centuries.. Why is it that no-one will show and tell what has happened to them. It's not like they went out killing for any reason that sprung into their minds, its because THEY were being attacked and ethnically cleansed by the Bosnian muslims, the Croatians, the Turkish and the Albanians. Let us not forget these nations were helped and still are being helped by the US. Hasn't anyone ever asked themselves why is it that the Serbian people are being attacked? Why are they the only people persecuted?

1:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blair next.

6:04 AM  
Anonymous vt said...

good news this

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh please.

All you people do is believe you're government and the media. You have no clue. You do not know anything, you only know what people what you you know. Karadzic was defending his own country from helpless idiots. Do not take this offensive, but this is my view about Bosnians. Before you get all cheery, research the story more, not just what the government tells you.

7:28 AM  
Blogger VicomtedeValmont said...

Isn't he one of the steps Serbia has to take on her road to full membership of the EU?
Tho i'm very glad now that he was captured but i'm not that happy. I think he just "had to be" captured.
We must be ready for an outcome like the court's decision about Srebrenica.

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You got him? Haaaaaaaa. Especialy you, little mermaids...

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For me this is a closing chapter on my suffering. I sincerely do hope that the other "guy" so called "general" will be captured soon, but instead sending them to Hague it would be better to release them in Sarajevo city or Gorazde or Bihac or any other place that suffered from their idiotic activities. Well done to those who captured them. Pay them 5 US mil NOW!!!

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mamu vam jebem Karadzicu i Mladicu !
Da ste nam jebali buducnost , nek vam cela porodica pati zbog sto ste rusili nasu zemlju !

Mladicu ti si sledeci ! Picko !

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Radovan Karadzic Heroj!

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heroj kome ?

Heroj idiota mozda ?

Mozda ti mamu jebo, pa ti mama rekla da je on heroj ?

9:42 AM  
Blogger Monica said...

"Karadzic was defending his own country from helpless idiots"

Whoa, your leap of logic eludes me! How do you even begin to attempt to rationalize systematic genocide with the weak argument that he was "defending his own country from helpless idiots"... Dude, you are a total idiot.

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on serbs wake up!
It's only one smelly, dirty, stupid imbecile Radovan.

Well done guys!

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monica, why don't you go and fuck yourself instead of talking shit?

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Will said...

I agree with Monica, how can you "OK" an ethnic genocide in the 20st century ?

They were able to get away with it, by calling the involved "patriots and heroes" ,

freakin` brainwashed the nation by making everybody feel "patriotic" about protecting these mofo`s .

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You idiots that never experienced war can say that he was 'defending' his people. What people? I am a Serbian from Sarajevo that was wounded by Serbs. He was protecting me from what? A perfect life I had? Wow, I am so glad he protected me and destroyed my family. You idiotic, brainwashed bastards! He is a monster and you are no better. Idiots. You wouldn't last a day in that war, you assholes. You are all patriotic? Yeah, right. What suffering did you experiece? Pussies, go fuck yourselves. He needs to die a slow death.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not Serbian but I still think that Karadzic is a hero who did an awesome job killing off you Muslim sons of bitches. His capture is a disgrace for the whole world.

Hopefully someone will rig the cars of the Nazi Hague judges and prosecutors with lots of explosives and bombs. Those fuckers will turn on their cars and go kaboom! I personally would love to murder each of the judges and prosecutors in cold blood. That's all they deserve and that's what all of you Muslim shits deserve too.

And for all of you Europeans and Americans who support Dr. Karadzic's arrest, you should all die, you are all either traitors or uninformed naive idiots, either way you don't deserve to be alive.

Long live Serbia and Karadzic!!

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a great day. I am very happy! Now, they must close him in prison and put away the key!

Giacomo (Italy)

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pisite na srpskom da vas ceo svet razume gospodo,bice jos dana za megdana.vi ste jedna gomila ispranog mozga koja ne zna o cemu prica.na ovim prostorima je nekada postojao samo jedan narod,a onda su dosli turci pola srba pobili pola poturcili i onda smo dobili poturice.za njima dolazi najveca sekta na svetu KATOLICI i sistematski unistavaju srbe vekovima,tako dobijamo hrvate ali ako ista znate u tim svojim ispranim glavama,onda znate da ce bog opet doci na zemlju jer ima jedan stari moto koji je stariji od svih vasih toboze nacija a on glasi' CAR CAREVA CARUJE NAD CAREVIMA ',a onda cete videti kome ce biti sudjeno draga gospodo,dakle pamet u glavu i pocnite da razmisljate svojom glavom a ne onako kako vam kazu veliki svetski ocevi,jer bog vam je rekao ' ONI PROTIV KOJIH SVI BUDU GOVORILI SU MOJI SINOVI '

3:05 PM  
Anonymous osmanli tokati said...

yarragi yedi lan amina kodum sirp cocugu....allah nasibet ederse diyerlerinide gomeriz tarihe. yurtta sulh cihanda sulh

3:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Samo sam se pitao koga ce novopecena vlast da proda... al boze moj, poslednjih 8 godina samo prodajemo, zemlju, ljude i td. Jebo nas Tadic...

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monica dear, what is the definition of the "systematic genocide" if you'd be so kind to answer us? I presume that you don't have a clue.

Allegations on Serbs committing genocide in Srebrenica were dismissed in the Court. I hope that the Court will reach the verdicts in each and every individual case and that, accordingly, people accused will be punished for crimes or released from prison. Who gave you the right to judge the acts of people of whom you have only heard through blood hungry media? You should be ashamed of yourself.

5:26 PM  
Anonymous Chicago said...

It is great news that they have finally captured Karadzic. I only hope it brings a piece of mind to those who have lost loved ones throughout former Yugoslavia. For those of you Serbs who leave comments perhaps you should ask yourselves who would idolize such a human being. You look up to a doctor nonetheless who is responsible for a genocide. What does that say about you? I as medical professional I cannot grasp the idea of medical ethics gone wrong. He killed innocent people and called himself a doctor. For a second, stop and think. All this talk about Turks converting the Serbs is nonsense. There are millions of people who convert to a different religion yet they don't necessarily kill 250,000 people. Religion is a spiritual thing not something that determines who should live or die.
Let's not get all political and patriotic here without having some common sense. There are lives that are forever lost.

"It is not so much that man is a herd animal, said Freud, but that he is a horde animal led by a chief." -Ernest Becker

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

da vam mamu jebem srpsku... karadzic needs to be handed over to Naser Oric for a true "Tribunal Judgment".... The Serbian people disgust me, if i had a nuke in my pocket id show them what genocide really means. Cock suckers, you can go finger your mothers assholes with those 3 fingers.

6:58 PM  
Anonymous CCCC said...

My, my doctor from Chicago, one would think that someone as "educated" as yourself would know that it is peace of mind...however that is not the major point of contention here. The comment I assume you are referring to is the FACT that Serbs were systematically slaughtered by the Turks and those that were left to survive were forced to convert their religion or otherwise face the same fate. This process was further adopted by the Croatians years later when people were forced to accept the Catholic religion or lose their life. Attacking Karadzic and his medical ethics...if you truly are in the medical profession you yourself should know what few ethics remain in the medical field today, if any. The fighting between the Serbs, Croats and Muslims goes back ages and it is rooted in religion. It is interesting that the wetern media chose to perpetrate a false image of the events that unfolded in the former Yugoslavia and that ignorant people such as yourself have accepted these fallacies as the truth. Do you honestly believe that it is beyond the Muslims to kill their own people and then blame it on the Serbs...all in the name of allah, right? Come one, you people honestly cannot be this ignorant and unintelligent. Do you truly believe that the Serbs were entirely unprovoked nad it is the "innocent Muslims" who suffered at their hands? Have we all too quickly forgotten about WWII and the fact that the Serbs were part of the Allied forces? History will one day repeat itself and this country and all other"advanced nations" will one day be scrathcing their heads when they are again being taken over by the dirty Muslim faith. Samo Sloga Srbina Spasava!! Zivi bili!!

9:43 PM  
Blogger Verwoerdon said...

Did Muslims commit genocide? Are they attacking anyone these days? Karadzic was defending his people from those who look at the West as infidels. Too bad you left wing loons don't meet up with some of these nice compassionate muslims. They're such good people!

10:43 PM  
Anonymous God said...

Dr Radovan Karadzic is only ACCUSED. A lot of people seem not to understand what that means. Perhaps they should look up its meaning in a dictionary.

Everyone has the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a proper court of law. You would like that right if you were charged with something. You should therefore extend the same right to Dr Karadzic.

I am sensing a lot of anger in this blog. Maybe you need the services of Dr Dragan (David) Dabic




11:31 PM  
Anonymous God said...

Sorry, that should be


Kiss :)

11:34 PM  
Blogger Balkan Ghost said...

dear reader who goes by the name "god":

i think you need to watch some of the videos of karadzic threatening to kill all muslims in bosnia, or firing a sniper rifle into crowded parts of sarajevo, before you lecture about being innocent before proven guilty.

that's his standard at trial. i'll write soon anticipating his legal tactics. but there's no doubt about his conduct as the president of the bosnian serbs.

one other thing about innocent until proven guilty... if i were accused of a crime i did not commit, i would show up to the court and make my case, not hide from the court for 13 damn years!

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Oh, you got Karadžić, well done need a clap? You cannot reverse time and make all the muslim live. We still have Mladic, so fuck you all. i Mamu vam jebem bosanci, jebelismo tvoj Bosnia, sta sad? Go fuck your mothers and your country. Long live serbia, the greatest country in the world! And may all shipteri, bosanci i hrvati die in a deep whole with all the other muslims. Hvala!

3:48 AM  
Anonymous God said...

Dear balkan ghost,

I do not merely go by the name of God. I am God.

Dr Radovan Karadzic is INNOCENT until proven guilty. Simple. Just concede that I am right. Unless you believe that people are not innocent until proven guilty in which case you should simply say so.

I am not a specialist in international law. If you are, please enlighten us. I know is that Dr Karadzic has not been found guilty of any crimes related to the war in the former Yugoslavia, therefore, we can only assume that he is innocent. To claim otherwise would be libelous.

Yours with plenty of love and kisses, God.

P.S. You seem a bit angry. You might consider the services of Dr Dragan (David) Dabic.


Kiss :)

5:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To all of you that think that Serbs are the only ones that are going to be rewarded in heaven....I wonder, does God know the difference between a Serb and a Muslim? Yes? Smart God! Now, why doesn't God help that asshole country of yours, Serbia, to get out of the poor state? You fucking imbecills. By the way, how come you are all so religious when you lived in communist country? Religion=control of mass brains that have nothing else to live for. Fuck, I would be religious too if I lived in an asshole of the country like Serbia is? Oh wait, I think I am feeling God..Oh shit, he is not letting me in heaven. But why, I am a Serb? Oh, it is because I don't live in Serbia...Oh dude, I am going down to hell...it is so hot, oh noooooooooooooooooooooooo.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous God said...

God is thoroughly confused by the preceding comment. Would somebody please be so kind as to explain (translate?) it?

Kiss :)

8:51 AM  
Blogger Balkan Ghost said...

will you yawn when bin laden is finally caught and say "let's wait until the sentencing phase of his trial"?

the justice process is impossible when the accused is a fugitive. the failure to recognize the significance of the catch is myopic.

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I served two tours as part of SFOR and worked directly with the Army of the Repulic of Srpska and soldiers from the Federation army-more specifically soldiers that served with General Krstic(who was second in command to Mladic and is now in the Hague for the rest of his life) and soldiers of the Sarajevo Corps. I was at a banquet hosted by General Krstic days before he was seized from his vehicle and taken to the Hague. My counterpart at the time was held "for his protection" at Krstic's headquarters for several hours. I have been i n Mladic's bunker near the mountains of Hans Pijesak and in Tito's bunker near Konjic. I have also been in the infamous battery factory in the compound not far from Srebrenica where women were seperated from their husbands never to see them again. I have been to the mass graves that those men wound up in. I have talked to many persons from both sides of that tragic war.
the bottom line is that the war not need have happened. Nationalist like Milosevic and Tudjman got into power by espousing racial/religious hatreds.
they brought back to life images of wars from the past, images Tito knew would destroy the country if ever allowed to surface again. Itzebegovic was naive, and when the Serbs were arming and preparing for war, he was disarming and trusting that the west would save his people. A vast majority of the people I talked to after the war would go back to the old Yugoslavia in a heartbeat. The nationalists and their horrific was destroyed their lives and their country. And Radovan must answer for the evil role he played in the destruction of his country and of so many individuals. He and Radtko Mladic must also answer for the biggest single mass execution in Europe since World War II. Anyone who considers a man like this a hero is delusional.

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Quel con ce Karadzic said...

La capture de l'«Oussama Ben Laden de l'Europe» saluée. (Traduction pour nos amis CUNILINGUES...Karadzic the European Oussama Bin Laden). Titre qui fait la une du Figaro.
Pour ce qui me concerne je trouve que justice est faite.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous God said...

Dear balkan ghost,

We are talking about Dr Radovan Karadzic not Osama bin Laden, but since you want to use other examples, allow me to indulge in this as well.

(1) Will Bush, Blair, and Howard (the leaders of the Coalition of the Killing) ever be charged and arrested for their crimes?

(2) Will Albright be charged with war crimes following her heart-warming comment about the death of some 500,000 Iraqi infants as a direct result of sanctions as "being worth it"?

They were rhetorical questions. We all know the answer.

So if it makes you feel better that a small fish has been caught, so be it. The sharks will get away and nobody seems to care.

6:51 PM  
Blogger Balkan Ghost said...

anon from two tours with sfor: thanks for your input. what's your take on mladic's current location and appearance? any chance he still visits his old bunker in han p?

7:36 PM  
Anonymous God said...

Dear balkan ghost,

What? No comment on my last comment?

Maybe you just like to ignore the sharks and focus on the guppies.

Kiss :)

12:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


To all of you that think that Serbs are the only ones that are going to be rewarded in heaven....I wonder, does God know the difference between a Serb and a Muslim? Yes? Smart God! Now, why doesn't God help that asshole country of yours, Serbia, to get out of the poor state? You fucking imbecills. By the way, how come you are all so religious when you lived in communist country? Religion=control of mass brains that have nothing else to live for. Fuck, I would be religious too if I lived in an asshole of the country like Serbia is? Oh wait, I think I am feeling God..Oh shit, he is not letting me in heaven. But why, I am a Serb? Oh, it is because I don't live in Serbia...Oh dude, I am going down to hell...it is so hot, oh noooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Go fuck your mother you dickhead. You fucking red neck, go fuck your country up the ass. We serbian's are very religious, and we're not saying that we are the only one's who are going to heaven nor are we or anyone for that matter "god's people". So fuck you cunt.

3:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You people are saying that what Karadzic and serbia did was disgusting. Have you forgotten what the Croat's had done to Serb's, the motherfucking Ustashi.


If you have the balls, look.

5:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed mate.

So what the Ustase did to us, were they just protecting their country? Oh please, you people don't know anything. Those people deserved to die.


5:04 AM  
OpenID Owen said...

Read the comments from the Karadzic supporters and they tell you everything you need to know about where the man came from and where hopefully he's going to.

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karadzic is an hero I admired very much. ICTY is a Shit!

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What Karadzic and his men did in Bosnia War is to protect the Serbian people from the ethnic cleansing by the Croatians, the Turkish and the Albanians who were supported by US and NATO.

The Purpose of US and NATO is to suppress the Serbian People, who is the strongest nation in this region and dominate the whole Balkan Penisula permanently. Justice will never achieved in such a unjust way!

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

US President Bush is a real criminal more than Karadzic. Bush launched Iraq War, causing more than hundreds of thousands deathes of Iraqi people, Why does not the International Criminal Court have courage to bring him to justice? Let me answer, International Criminal Court is just a puppet organization, who must obey its master(West Powers)will and order.
The kind-hearted peole in the world never expect the trial of Karadzic to be just and fair due to some dirty and secret ideological and political reasons.

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of you need to be educated up the ass. It puts me in depression that there are so many ignorant people in this world. He defended our people, he is a hero and always will be. And let me tell you something, those 'Serbian people' in srbija handed over their own kind, how embarrassing. And its all for what? all for money. People in srbija don't know what religion is, they don't know how truly he helped our people out. Any Serb you see that is for his capture, is not a real Serb. I am devastated of his capture and nothing will change my mind. Your puny American education will not be compatible with the mind that he had, him and milosevic.

4:10 PM  
Blogger Monica said...

"Monica, why don't you go and fuck yourself instead of talking shit?"

Way to get your panties in a twist.

"Monica dear, what is the definition of the "systematic genocide" if you'd be so kind to answer us? I presume that you don't have a clue."

I could suggest several reputable dictionaries you could use but as your comment was an effort cleverness, I won't. I'm not ashamed of my belief just as you are not of yours I'm sure. I do believe innocent until proven guilty.

"(1) Will Bush, Blair, and Howard (the leaders of the Coalition of the Killing) ever be charged and arrested for their crimes? (2) Will Albright be charged with war crimes following her heart-warming comment about the death of some 500,000 Iraqi infants as a direct result of sanctions as "being worth it"?"

I agree there are many out there who have not been held accountable. This is a fair argument on your part.

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact is that f***ing b**stard is caught and is awaiting trial ... may he be dead and dumped in a mass grave site ... rotten fucking impersonating bastard !

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally and completely DISGUSTING!!!!

Well, Mr. Karadzic will make you all look like fools once he has had is say.

That is if they don't murder him first like they have murdered so many others to shut them up about natzo LIES.

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, this is a great day for justice.

Hope you will think the same when (if ) Mr bush and Mr Blair get arrested for much worse crimes agianst humanity (in terms of numbers of people killed) than mr Karadzic.

7:13 PM  
Anonymous William McAree said...

Well you didn't get him!

#1 Karadzic lived under agreement between Radovan Karadzic and Richard Holbrooke.

#2 He is still in Serbia.

#3 Too early to celebrate.

Sorry :-(


PS I would not get to excited at all, there are some rumors that Karadzic will be released soon

10:11 PM  
Blogger Balkan Ghost said...

#1 - wrong
#2 - wrong
#3 - wrong
your PS is wrong too, I would not put too much faith in the sources of the rumors you hear.

11:47 PM  
Blogger Balkan Ghost said...

last anon: karadzic represents a much more clear-cut case of war crimes in his active, deliberate attempt to wipe out Bosnian Muslims. I don't think you can point to nearly the same levels of open criminal conduct of the leaders you mentioned. the difference is blair never said "let's kill all iraqis." However, karadzic DID say "let's kill all Bosnian Muslims."

11:50 PM  
Anonymous Human being said...

I want to see him dying humiliated like Saddam on youtube....some one get the phonecam ready with guards cursing him..

you are going to hell and for sure burning in hell forever...InshAllah

Allahu Akbar........God is great

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you muslims have big dreams in the wrong place. if you want make dreams for "panislam union", go in asia, europe is not muslim
and you started first just serbs tried to defend their country like the same happened in kosovo with muslim albanians which now are dreaming the greater albania
you must learn that you live in europe not in asia

3:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

May God punish the real war criminals !!!

Dr. Karadzic is a hero.He is such a smart and very nice looking guy, not like those morons and imbecils who prosecute him for something they should be punished for. They are the ones who kill people in Iraq and elsewhere else.
Dr.Karadzic just protected his own people.MAY GOD HELP HIM !!!

1:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These people would defend Hitler as the protector of the German people.

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Serbians are sacrifice lamp or scapegoat in this story and Serbia is very important strategic position for Americans and all others because it's intersection of Europa and because of that Serbia is non-stop attack by ewerybody... h. Tribunal is made to corrupt Serbia and make easier for Americans to control Serbia.

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You people who live in other countries than Serbia, such as Italy, UK, US and other so called "western" ones, you better go blow up your TV sets and put other media into asshole, and shut up about things you dont't know.

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:28 AM  
Blogger lpcyusa said...

Irrefutable Proof ICTY Is Corrupt Court/Irrefutable Proof the Hague Court Cannot
Legitimately Prosecute Karadzic Case

(The Documentary Secret United Nations ICC Meeting Papers Scanned Images)


This legal technicality indicates the Hague must dismiss charges against Dr Karadzic and
others awaiting trials in the Hague jail; like it or not.

Unfortunately for the Signatures Of the Rome Statute United Nations member states
instituting the ICC & ICTY housed at the Hague, insofar as the, Radovan Karadzic, as
with the other Hague cases awaiting trial there, I personally witnessed these United
Nations member states having a substantial conversation and openly speaking about trading judicial appointments and verdicts for financial funding when I attended the 2001 ICC Preparatory Meetings at the UN in
Manhattan making the iCTY and ICC morally incapable trying Radovan Karazdic and

I witnessed with my own eyes and ears when attending the 2001 Preparatory Meetings to
establish an newly emergent International Criminal Court, the exact caliber of criminal
corruption running so very deeply at the Hague, that it was a perfectly viable topic of
legitimate conversation in those meetings I attended to debate trading verdicts AND
judicial appointments, for monetary funding.

Jilly wrote:*The rep from Spain became distraught and when her country’s proposal was
not taken to well by the chair of the meeting , then Spain argued in a particularly loud
and noticably strongly vocal manner, “Spain (my country) strongly believes if we
contribute most financial support to the Hague’s highest court, that ought to give us and
other countries feeding it financially MORE direct power over its

((((((((((((((((((((((((( ((((((((((((((((((((((((( Instead of censoring the country representative
from Spain for even bringing up this unjust, illegal and unfair judicial idea of bribery for
international judicial verdicts and judicial appointments, all country representatives
present in the meeting that day all treated the Spain proposition as a ”totally legitimate
topic” discussed and debated it between each other for some time. I was quite shocked!
The idea was "let's discuss it." "It's a great topic to discuss."

Some countries agreed with Spain’s propositions while others did not. The point here is,
bribery for judicial verdicts and judicial appointments was treated as a totally legitimate
topic instead of an illegitimate toic which it is in the meeting that I
attended in 2001 that day to establish the ground work for a newly emergent
international criminal court.))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

In particular., since "Spain" was so overtly unafraid in bringing up this topic of trading
financial funding the ICC for influence over its future judicial appointments and verdicts
in front of every other UN member state present that day at the UN, "Spain" must have
already known by previous experience the topic of bribery was "socially acceptable" for
conversation that day. They must have previously spoke about bribing the ICTY and ICC
before in meetings; this is my take an international sociological honor student.

SPAIN's diplomatic gesture of international justice insofar as, Serbia, in all of this is,
disgusting morally!


I represented the state interests' of the Former Yugoslavia, in Darko Trifunovic’s
absence in those meetings and I am proud to undertake this effort on Serbia’s behalf.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous AmSparta said...

I am neither serb, croat or bosniak, but all i want to say i to all the people and 'god' (??) is think about the innocent people who never did a blind dickie bird to anyone, they didn't care about what nationality they were, most of them thought that we live in the same country, so we are brothers/sisters! Think about the people who's ives have been turned upside down, whose lives have ended and whose lives have been broken ito millions of peices and carelessly cellotaped together. What about the refugees who had to move into a nw country, leanr a new language? what about the people who didn't make it to become a refugee, who eneded up in mass graves and dies from malnutrition etc...i just want to ask ALL of you here, think about it and think about the other sides differences and move on from a stupid war that should NEVER have surfaced...

and balkan ghost, i support you than i do god(??)

1:55 PM  

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