The US doesn't care anymore? A troubling development in the hunt for Karadzic

Neretva River and others have posted on the comments made by US Ambassador-at-Large for war crimes Clint Williamson about the Balkan tribunals.

Most of what was reported about Williamson's comments are that the ICTY will keep its doors open until 2010 for Karadzic and Mladic. We already knew that.

Williamson's most astonishing comment, buried in the west but on front pages in Belgrade and Podgorica, was that Karadzic was probably in Serbia.

"The United States thinks that Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic are in Serbia,” he said. He added that Karadzic spends most of his time in Serbia but sometimes goes to the Republika Srpska and other places in the region.

Where did this come from? When has Karadzic ever been alleged to be in Serbia? Ms. Del Ponte presently asserts that Karadzic's whereabouts are unknown, and before that had maintained for years that Karadzic was probably in the RS or Montenegro. Serbia, Mr. Williamson?? Based on what??

My cynical side points me to a certain conclusion: the United States wants Montenegro's quick accession into PfP and NATO so that Montenegro can supplement NATO forces in Afghanistan. This process cannot be expedited if Montenegro is considered non-compliant with war crimes hunting demands.

What better man than Williamson, a former ICTY prosecutor and present Bush administration insider, to use his haughty title to shroud Montenegro's role as a Karadzic sanctuary?

What saddens me the most about this is that I once thought the United States was the most vigilant country in pursuing Karadzic. Now it seems the Americans have lost all interest.


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