NATO leadership change

Brigadier General Schook will hand over the reigns of the NATO Military Committee in Sarajevo this week to U.S. Brigadier General Louis W. Weber (pictured below on right).
General Weber brings to the job an expertise on joint warfare, meaning that he can synchronize the efforts of many military capabilities, not just the conventional Army. His recent assignments include logistics director for the 3rd Infantry Division in their push to Baghdad in 2003, the director of the National Training Center in Death Valley, California, and director of Army training in the Pentagon.
Let's hope that General Weber also brings with him a willingness to tell NATO's story about ongoing efforts to find Karadzic. General Schook's farewell speech was greeted with mild pessimism from Bosnian press, who said that while it was a good thing that NATO was still in Bosnia, it was discouraging that NATO appeared unwilling to undertake serious efforts to arrest Karadzic and Mladic. One Bosnian paper wrote that "detaining Sasa Karadzic for ten days should not be the highlight of a year's time in the Karadzic campaign."

General Schook stated that General Weber's main task would be the ho-hum ongoing defense reform in the BiH. I have a different suggestion: General Weber, nothing will put more stars on your shoulderboard faster than an all-out, limits-pushing, fully-concerted effort that succeeds in delivering Radovan Karadzic to the Hague.

Karadzic near-term surrender crucial for SCG's EU accession bid

According to Monitor weekly, the surrender of Radovan Karadzic is very possible, and it could take place in September. The weekly also reveals that Karadzic is negotiating his surrender with US representatives. “Karadzic might surrender several days before the beginning of the SCG negotiations on accession to the EU, scheduled for the beginning of October,” reads the article. Monitor speculates that Karadzic is hiding in an Orthodox Church facility in Jovan Dol in Montenegro.

The US Ambassador for War Crimes Issues, Pierre-Richard Prosper, visited SCG on Thursday and stated that the US expected Karadzic and Mladic to be arrested in autumn. “The US expect that the issue of the most wanted war crimes suspects at large will be resolved soon,” said Prosper. During his meeting with the SCG Prime Minister, Vojislav Kostunica, Prosper reiterated the importance of having Karadzic and Mladic arrested in autumn, when the SCG authorities were to begin the negotiations on accession to the EU. When asked to comment on his talks with Kostunica, Prosper said that he did not want to reveal any details, but that he was told that “the Serbian Government was willing to resolve that issue as soon as possible.”


BBC article: "Support dwindles for fugitive Karadzic"

Click here for a second recent article by Nick Hawton for the BBC on the current Karadzic situation.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Hawton. Your three recent reports on Karadzic's whereabouts and protection were all first-rate and very informative.

Karadzic's spiritual father calls for him to surrender

Karadzic should surrender, says spiritual father
From Nick Hawton in Podgorica, Montenegro

THE man regarded as the spiritual father of Radovan Karadzic, Europe’s most wanted man, issued an unprecedented appeal yesterday for the former Bosnian Serb leader to surrender to the war crimes tribunal in The Hague.

“If I had to ask Radovan Karadzic one question it would be ‘do you want to continue living in a hole like a hunted animal, or would it be better to go to The Hague?’” Amfilohije Radovic, a leading member of the Serbian Orthodox Church, told The Times.

“This is his personal decision, and just as I wouldn’t want someone to impose their will on me, I wouldn’t like to do the same to him. But I expect him to make that decision — just as he took responsibility to lead the Serbs from Bosnia. I expect him to do the right thing, to take such responsibility upon himself.”

The intervention of the Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral, in his first interview with the international media in a decade, will greatly increase the pressure on Karadzic to give himself up after eight years on the run.

Metropolitan Amfilohije, 67, has long been a supporter and confidant of the Karadzic family, and has even been accused of hiding Karadzic in church property in Montenegro — a charge he denied. In May he preached at the funeral of Karadzic’s mother, comparing her with the mother of a previous Serbian hero.

Speaking at a mountain monastery in Montenegro, the Metropolitan said that he had spoken to other Serb commanders who had recently surrendered to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

“When they asked what I thought, whether they should surrender or not . . . I told them I could only say what I would do in their place and I said I would go. And it’s possible that some of them left because I told them that.”

Karadzic has been indicted for genocide by The Hague tribunal for his role during the 1992-95 Bosnian war in which about 200,000 people died.

His wife, Ljiljana, recently made a dramatic appeal on Bosnian television for her husband to give himself up.

“She and her family feel threatened. And there is all this pressure from the media. Terrible pressure. It’s very hard to put up with all of that. I can’t say what he should do, but I can say what I would do. I would go to The Hague,” said the Metropolitan, who claims he has not seen Mr Karadzic since 1995.

The Metropolitan’s intervention was welcomed by international peacekeepers in neighbouring Bosnia. Major-General David Leakey, the British commander in charge of EU peacekeepers, said: “The longer Karadzic delays in surrendering, the more he’ll become despised by his own people.

“Thank goodness the Serbian Orthodox Church is adding to the growing calls for Karadzic to hand himself in.”


Next step in the path to Radovan: arrest Mladen Bosic

Three broad trends in Bosnia in the last couple years helped aid Radovan Karadzic's support network and ensure his protection: the SDS political party became newly radicalized, police reform in Bosnia stalled, and a series of illegal businesses continued to funnel money to Karadzic's network.

Each of these trends is to some degree attributable to one man: Mladen Bosic.

Bosic, an SDS party ally of Karadzic's in the 1990s, has recently re-emerged as Vice-President of the SDS. In this role, he has led SDS to reject reforms and cooperation with other parties, and has ensured that anti-Dayton, pro-Karadzic party supporters seized the party's voice.

Bosic has been defined in his new role in SDS for his all-out assault against police reform efforts undertaken by RS and BiH leaders. The failure to enact police reforms, aimed to weed out Karadzic loyalists in the ranks, is largely why RS MUP and police are unable to arrest Karadzic supporters in the RS without those supporters being tipped off first.

Perhaps more important than Bosic's political activities are his business ventures. Bosic owns Telecom Srpska of Brcko, Serbian Forests, and Electro Company of the Republika Srpska. These companies, along with Momcilo Mandic's gas station empire, are the main sources of income for the Karadzic support network, which guzzles up to $2 million per year.

Top Karadzic supporters Milan Lukic and Momcilo Mandic were recently arrested. Karadzic ally Milovan Bjelica is damaged goods after two detentions and constant surveillance. The Karadzic family has weakened in their solidarity with Radovan. Montenegrin priests and officials around Niksic still operate beyond the reach of NATO, EUFOR, and even national Montenegrin interests eminating from Podgorica.

Thus, the next step in the campaign against Karadzic is clear: Mladen Bosic should be arrested, questioned, removed from his post in the SDS, and have his assets frozen.


Two out of three ain't bad (arrests of top Karadzic supporters in August): Momcilo Mandic arrested in Budva

It's hard to say that any month is a good month in the Karadzic hunt when he remains free. But August has been a very good in the crackdown against Karadzic supporters. First, Milan Lukic was arrested in Buenos Aires. Last week, top Karadzic supporter and financier Momcilo Mandic was arrested at his apartment in Budva, Montenegro.

Within hours of his arrest, Mandic was transferred to Bosnian authorities, where he now sits in a Sarajevo prison. Mandic will face charges of organized crime and of helping Radovan Karadzic evade capture.

Mandic owned several business interests around Foca, as well as the Privredna Banka Srpska Sarajevo. These are believed to be the principle engines for the Karadzic protective network's financial support. Mandic's assets have been frozen since last year.

John McNair, a prosecutor for the Bosnian State Court's department on organised crime, corruption and terrorism, said, "This is an example of effective regional co-operation between law enforcement agencies in Bosnia-Hercegovina and Serbia-Montenegro leading to the transfer... of an important suspect in an organised crime investigation".

Schook addresses NATO: Time to use "full apparatus" of BiH government against Karadzic

(Reuters) NATO general confident Karadzic will face justice

17 Aug 2005 16:18:48 GMTSource: Reuters
By Mark John

BRUSSELS, Aug 17 (Reuters) - NATO's top soldier in Bosnia said on Wednesday he believed fugitive former Bosnian Serb President Radovan Karadzic would soon face justice and urged Bosnian Serb authorities to redouble efforts to seek him out.

U.S. Brigadier-General Steven Schook welcomed what he said were clear signs of rising support among Bosnian Serbs for Karadzic to be sent to the U.N. war crimes tribunal to face accusations of genocide.

"I am very optimistic that we hope we can conclude this chapter that is causing such delays in the progress of Bosnia and Herzegovina," Schook told a news conference after briefing NATO chiefs in Brussels.

"It is now time to use the full apparatus of the government to go after people who are not going to voluntarily surrender," he said, adding that efforts until now had mostly focused on those who were prepared to hand themselves over.

Karadzic led the breakaway Bosnian Serb state in the 1992-95 Bosnian war, Europe's bloodiest since World War Two. He is wanted for genocide for the Srebrenica massacre of 8,000 Muslims and the 43-month siege of Sarajevo in which 10,000 people were killed.

Indicted just before NATO entered Bosnia in 1995 to enforce the Dayton peace accords, he vanished in 1997. His wartime military chief Ratko Mladic faces similar accusations.

Schook said there was a groundswell of support among ordinary Bosnian Serbs for the belief that the handover of Karadzic and Mladic would benefit their country, which aspires to membership of both NATO and the European Union.

He said one sign of the dwindling popular support for the two fugitives was that Bosnian Serb newspapers had recently published large ads calling for them to surrender.

NATO handed over peacekeeping operations in Bosnia to the European Union late last year but has retained a small presence there to help trace those wanted for war crimes and to reform the Bosnian Army.

Its failure to capture Karadzic and Mladic is seen by many as an embarrassment, but the alliance points to more than 20 other suspects it has arrested for the U.N. tribunal.

There are hopes inside the alliance that financial pressure on Karadzic's backers, political pressure on Bosnian Serb authorities and psychological pressure on his family will finally bring him to justice.

NATO stepped up pressure before this year's anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre in July, raiding the family's homes and arresting his son Aleksandar for 10 days. The hunt led his wife to beg for his surrender "for the sake of the family".

Schook said NATO-aided reforms of the Bosnian Army were going in the right direction and that the handover of Karadzic and Mladic was the only remaining major obstacle to closer ties between Bosnia and the alliance.

"The requirements for PfP (Partnership for Peace) are all but met except for Karadzic and Mladic," he said of NATO's programme for nurturing ties with potential members.


Senior Priest: "Come see for yourself that Karadzic not in any Montenegrin monasteries"

Podgorica Priest Velibor Dzomic stated that the Church and the Montenegrin authorities agree that Karadzic and Mladic are not hiding in Montenegro, and that the Church does not provide them a shelter in its monasteries and temples. He added that all those who suspected his words could come and check any church or monastery and see for themselves that no one was hiding there.

Mr. Dzomic added that the Montenegrin police had searched the Ostrog Monastery, but that they found no clues or evidence that Karadzic and Mladic were hiding there.

Note to General Schook (NATO) at General Leakey (EUFOR): I understand Dzomic's message as an open invitation for your troops to cross the border and perform a cordon-and-search around the principle suspect monastery sites. I trust their professionalism and sense of purpose more than that of the Montenegrin police, who gave me the impression that they would fail to make an arrest even if Karadzic turned himself in at a police station. Your troops will face no resistance by the police in Montenegro, just repeated grovelling for $20 bribes.


Montenegrin journalist: Karadzic negotiating for prison in Greece, family visits

Seki Radoncic, a reporter for the weekly Montenegrin Monitor, stated that Karadzic recently negotiated about the place where he would serve his sentence.

Karadzic asked that his prison be located in Greece, and that the prison conditions would be similar to those of Plavsic’s (no further information) prison, especially in terms of his family members being entitled to visit him. Karadzic also sought assurances that he be allowed to continue with his writing.

Jovan Dol and Ostrog priests deny Karadzic presence, point to Visegrad

Slobodna Bosna reporters visited the Orthodox Church Monasteries Jovan Dol and Ostroga in Montenegro, where three recent reports have alleged that Karadzic is hiding. Reporters were told that Karadzic was definitely not there, and that the search for him should be focused on Bosnia instead.

Probably under increased pressure, the priests probably felt they had to give more specific information than just "he's not here." So they pinpointed the Orthodox Church in the village of Dobrun near Visegrad (in RS sector of Bosnia) as Karadzic's favorite hiding place.

My sense is that Karadzic may have used Dobrun, and that he has certainly spent time around Visegrad, but that the priests will never tell any investigator where Karadzic is presently located. The reclusive Montenegrin priests have been among the most defiant of anyone towards Karadzic hunters.

Stanisic, in deal with ICTY, unable to get in touch with Radovan

Jovica Stanisic, former SCG Chief of Security Service, was released from the ICTY detention facility in order to talk Karadzic into surrender. Supposedly, Stanisic was released from detention in Holland and travelled to Montenegro to pull his connections and get in touch with Karadzic. His efforts failed and he was sent back to the detention facility in Scheveningen.

A tone of defiance from Radovan's hometown

From Vecernji List (Montenegro):

Residents of the village of Petnica, where Radovan Karadzic was born, told the paper that he would never surrender to The Hague alive. His close relative, Vucko Karadzic, confirmed that general opinion of the village residents, and added that he believed that somebody else was deciding instead of Karadzic. “Who that might be, I do not know. Also, whoever tells you that Radovan loses his support is a liar. Radovan enjoys the support of the people, and he is loved and respected even more than Karadjordje, and everybody here would gladly hide him in his house.” He added that people liked Radovan a lot because “he fought and created everything the best for the people."

Ljajic: Ljiljana's plea was to give Radovan an excuse to surrender

The SCG Minister for Human Rights and the Rights of Minorities and the President of the SCG Council for Co-operation with The Hague, Rasim Ljajic, has stated that according to some unverified information, Karadzic is sick and he lacks money, which is the main reason why he requested his family to provide him with an excuse to surrender.

“He could not just turn himself in after so many years of hiding and without any excuse. However, there is an option that Ljiljana Zelen-Karadzic’s appeal was nothing but a public show, aimed at diminishing the pressure that his family is exposed to. If he fails to surrender in short period, we will know that it was all just a performance, and a bad one too.”

Another possibility that Ljajic doesn't mention but that many in the RS assert is that Ljiljana's statement was made under duress and was not how she really felt. However, this argument loses force since Ljiljana has made no effort at a public retraction since her original statement three weeks ago.

More from Milan Lukic

The Hague and Serbia-Montenegro remained pitted in the extradition battle for Milan Lukic following his arrest in Argentina. Because of this, there is a chance that Lukic's trial will be held in Argentina. Lukic made this statement about why he shouldn't be sent to Serbia:

"I know a lot about the wartime events in former Yugoslavia. There are many people who are afraid that the truth might be revealed, and they do not want me talk about it. My brother, who did not participate in the war in former Yugoslavia, was assassinated in front of his family, and you can only imagine what kind of peril I would be exposed to if extradited to SCG."

Lukic is referring to last year's botched operation (or inside job) by RS troops to arrest Milan Lukic for his connections with Karadzic and own role as an indicted war criminal. They ended up killing Lukic's brother during the botched arrest, leading many to speculate that the RS Interior Ministry wished to snuff a possible Karadzic snitch.

No doubt, Del Ponte's staff is busy now getting everything they can from Lukic about Karadzic's location, even though Lukic is still in Buenos Aires. There's not much indication that Lukic will be uncooperative or defiant.

Sonja Karadzic fires Dusko Tomic as family lawyer

Yesterday, Sonja Karadzic informed Attorney Dusko Tomic that she had decided to withdraw her Power of Attorney and fire him as their family lawyer. She told him that she had been advised to do so because of his public statements and politicizing of the case. “I have decided to freeze your Power of Attorney until further notice,” reads the SMS message that Sonja Karadzic sent Tomic.

It's not clear whether Sonja's action reflects the desires of Sasa and Ljiljana. Tomic was originally hired to help Sasa. Sonja is the only member of Karadzic's immediate family who has not publically come out of defiance in support of Radovan.


New BBC report on Karadzic, Niksic, Ostrog

Article by Nick Hawton, August 8th:

The bearded man in the battered, old car, looked at us suspiciously and wrote something down as we crossed the remote border checkpoint between Bosnia and Montenegro.

Twenty minutes later, we were being tailed by two men travelling in a red jeep, keeping a steady distance behind us.

The same two men were in our hotel a couple of hours later, checking our documents behind the reception desk. Another man with a broken nose was leaning back on his chair trying to listen to our conversation.

Welcome to Montenegro or, more specifically, the town of Niksic in the north-west of the republic. Here, some believe, Europe's most wanted man, the former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, is hiding out.

Suspicion and fear prevail.

"It's a priest's state. A state within a state," Dragica, 47, told me sotto voce in a cafe in the centre of town.

Outside, it had stopped raining and the new shift of secret policemen who had been following us all morning were wrapping up their umbrellas and pretending to be reading the local death notices posted on trees.

"They're involved in politics and all the decision-making. This place is run by the police and the Church, but they don't like each other," Dragica said.

Myself and some fellow journalists decided to check out local media reports that Mr Karadzic might be hiding in Church-owned buildings a few kilometres outside Niksic, in an annex of the famous Ostrog monastery.

The complex of buildings nestles in a natural bowl surrounded by hills. The only access is via a narrow, winding road, gradually climbing into the mountains. Anybody approaching can be seen from a distance.

The place was eerily quiet as we wandered through the huge gate overlooking the church and priest's buildings. In the centre of the bowl, a field of crops. Next to that, what looked like an electric generator.

A few minutes later, a monk, all in black, appeared from the church and asked if he could help. He politely asked us to leave and direct any enquiries about Mr Karadzic to the local bishop.
The Serbian Orthodox Church has always denied it is sheltering Radovan Karadzic.

Speculation has grown during the last two weeks that Mr Karadzic may be about to surrender, following a dramatic appeal by his wife on Bosnian television. She asked him to give himself up "for the sake of the family".

Accused of genocide by the UN War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, and after nearly a decade on the run, the pressure may now have become too much to bear. International investigators are now focusing their search on this region of Montenegro.

One local media report even claims talks have already begun between Serbian and Montenegrin intelligence services and the CIA about the mechanics of a Karadzic surrender.


Back in Niksic we decided to confront the local police chief, Dusko Koprivica, and ask him why his men were taking such a keen interest in our movements, our followers visibly shaken when it became clear where we were going.

"It's normal for us to try to identify people who are not from here," Mr Koprivica told us from behind his desk in the unmarked building where his plain-clothes police are based.

Pouring us some grape brandy, he said we had nothing to worry about - they only wanted to know exactly who we were.

"Journalists have been sucking my blood for years about this issue. But I can tell you from all the intelligence I have, there is no evidence that Mr Karadzic is in this region. If he was, I would personally go and arrest him now."

Full page ad in Bosnian Serb newspaper urges Karadzic surrender

From B92:

A newspaper in the Republic of Srpska capital Banja Luka today carried a full-page advertisement calling on Hague Tribunal fugitive Radovan Karadzic to surrender.

The advertisement in the Nezavisne Novine is signed by the Society for Modern Politics and refers to a recent public appeal by Ljiljana Karadzic for her husband to surrender, a call which the war crime suspect’s brother later said was made under duress.

“Ljiljana, we’re with you. Radovan, save yourself and your family and give yourself up,” the advertisement reads. Associated Press reports that this is the first advertisement of its kind to appear in the Bosnian Serb media.

Former Serb official Petrovic describes arrest preparations

From Blic:

Former Chief of the SCG State Security Service Goran Petrovic has told the paper that he does not know when exactly Karadzic will be arrested, but that it is evident that the preparations for Karadzic’s arrest have been completed.

"The financial lobby supporting Karadzic is controlled by international institutions. Karadzic has run out of money and has no contact with his family. All those who supported him – his brother and his family, the Mandic family, the military and the Church - are under tremendous pressure and constant surveillance. The message is very clear: Karadzic and Mladic must be arrested and transferred to The Hague."

Petrovic added that there were rumors that the so-called silent sanctions would be imposed in autumn if Karadzic and Mladic were not arrested by then.

More evidence of a Karadzic family rift: Sasa's lawyer says "I won't represent Radovan"

Sasa Karadzic's lawyer Dusko Tomic was asked by local media if we would consider defending Radovan Karadzic. The answer was 'no.' Tomic stated that he would serve as attorney only to Sasa and members of the Karadzic family other than Radovan.

Del Ponte to Montenegrin official: "Karadzic is at Ostrog"

From Oslobodjenje:

The Speaker of the Montenegrin Parliament, Ranko Krivokapic, stated on Monday that the ICTY Chief Prosecutor, Carla Del Ponte, had revealed the information that Karadzic was hiding in the Ostrog Monastery near Niksic.

"Del Ponte revealed this information to the local authorities during her recent visit to Montenegro," said Krivokapic, whom the Serb Orthodox Church (SPC) had accused him of releasing this information to the public. The paper has learned that the SPC accused Krivokapic of being Del Ponte’s informant.


Milan Lukic arrested in Argentina

Argentine police arrested Milan Lukic in a Buenos Aires residential neighborhood on monday.

Lukic, 38, was indicted by the ICTY in 2000 on charges of leading a group of paramilitaries that killed, harassed, and terrorized non-Muslim residents of Visegrad during the Bosnian war.

In a brief Argentinian court appearance, Lukic said, "I want to tell the truth and remove this stain from my life because I've been accused of something I did not do." He will soon be transferred to the Hague.

Lukic had been in Argentina for two weeks using a faked passport before his arrest.

Global Risk executive meets Ljiljana

A retired U.S. Army Special Forces Colonel who works for Global Risk International met with Ljiljana Karadzic last week.

They discussed a proposal presented by Global Risk to safely evacuate Radovan to the Hague without him ever entering the custody of EUFOR or NATO.


More information on Global Risk International available at www.globalrisk.uk.com.


"Stanisic knows where Karadzic is hiding"

Bosnia-Herzegovina Vice President Desnica Radivojevic told Dnevni Avaz that Jovica Stanisic knows where Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic are hiding.

"Those who are searching for the Hague fugitives, if they really want to arrest them and take them to the Hague, should be asking the former Serbian chief of National Security. Get him here to a base in Tuzla, and in ten days we will know everything we need to know."

Jovica Stanisic has been indicted by The Hague Tribunal, but has been released until his trial begins.

Surprises from Sasa: "no complaints about NATO treatment" and "I'm disgusted with dad"

From Dnevni Avaz:

Dusko Tomic, Sasa Karadzic’s lawyer, denied the speculation that Sasa was mistreated by NATO during his recent two-week detention.

“Sasa denies the insinuation by the media that he was harassed and that he is currently under strong pressure. He said he had no complaints about the NATO HQ members who detained them, and that they had treated him fairly. He underlined several times that we should not enter into any kind of conflict with the NATO HQ.”

“Sasa told me that he had not known his father’s whereabouts for years. He said that he condemned all crimes, including the attack on Sarajevo, and that he hoped that the culprits would be brought to justice. He was enraged by the fact that many earned a fortune by protecting Radovan and his family, when the more they were 'helping' them, the worse off his family was. He said that he would endeavour to disrupt this criminal's network.”


More RS leadership comments on their PIFWC arrest responsibilities

Dragan Cavic, RS President: "I have no indication that Radovan Karadzic will voluntarily surrender after his wife Ljiljana Zelen-Karadzic recently appealed to him to do so. The police, not only in the RS, but in the entire region, are searching for information on the whereabouts of the indicted war criminals."

Darko Matijasevic, RS Interior Minister: "RS Ministry of Interior will not stop its activities until full cooperation between the RS and the ICTY is achieved. This is our commitment stemming from the law and the Dayton Agreement. We cannot discuss it emotionally, from a political standpoint or in an effort to gain political points, but we need to act within the legal framework."

Montenegrin magazine speculates Karadzic near Ostrog

From the Montenegrin Weekly Standard:

“Karadzic has found a shelter in a church in Jovan Do, the place at the foot of Mount Niksic Slivlje between Nikisc and Ostrog. Amfiohije, the Bishop of Montenegro built a religious facility the biggest part of which is under the ground.”

An informer told the magazine that the church "has underground halls and corridors built for secret operations, little of which can be detected from the outside." Allegedly, the church in Jovan Do is a secret even to orthodox priests. Many of them have never set foot in its underground chambers. The magazine also claims that Bishop Amfiohije was “an ardent follower of Radovan Karadzic’s policy” and that the place was already swarming with international press waiting to capture Karadzic’s spectacular arrest.

EUFOR commander comments on Karadzic

British Lieutenant General David Leakey is the EUFOR commander, meaning he is responsible for the overall Bosnia military mission. He recently conducted an interview in Tuzla.

“Radovan Karadzic left his wife, his country and his people, and is doing nothing for reconciliation and the truth in BiH."

“The whole IC and especially BiH, could have done more, but, we should not look to the past. We should now do everything we can.”

“When you visit people in towns or villages, you will hear that they think Karadzic is helping them by hiding, while the truth is just the opposite. Millions of marks have been spent on his hiding.”

Commenting on the unclear roles played between EUFOR and NATO in the PIFWC mission, Leakey said EUFOR would detain Karadzic if its forces encountered him, and that EUFOR soldiers were prepared to use force to secure arrests.

Dnevni Avaz: NATO has rising hope for Karadzic surrender

An unnamed source close to NATO stated on Wednesday that hopes were rising for Radovan Karadzic’s surrender within the next several weeks. The source said that the financial pressure against those helping him, political pressure on the RS authorities and the psychological pressure on his family might lead to his detention and trail before the court. “There is a certain dose of optimism in NATO that he will surrender in the coming weeks. He is running out of money,” said the source.. He said that it was getting more and more difficult for Karadzic to pay the network of supporters and bodyguards, as he had not found new sources of funding and has to be on the move more, which makes him easier to track down.

New film on Serbian television belittles Karadzic

"The Life and Deeds of Radovan Karadzic" was shown on a private Serb television station on Monday.

Rather than portraying Karadzic as a champion of Serbs and their Orthodox faith, Karadzic is shown as "a boastful, megalomaniac hustler and opportunist."

British Independent newspaper asserts Karadzic will surrender soon

From Dnevni Avaz:

“The days that the war crimes indictee Radovan Karadzic’s days at large are numbered, especially after his wife Ljiljana’s public appeal,” claims an article by British newspaper The Independent. The article also reads that well-informed sources claim that Karadzic might be transferred to the detention unit of the Hague Tribunal by the end of this week, and that there are a number of reasons why Ljiljana, who has always supported her husband, chose this moment to appeal to Radovan to surrender. According to reliable sources, the main reason is the very bad financial situation of the Karadzic family and the disintegration of the network supporting Karadzic. The paper also speculates that he had advised his wife to make a public appeal to him to surrender, which would then be used as an excuse for his followers. “Many nationalists still see Karadzic as a Serb hero, and Ljiljana’s public appeal might convince them that Radovan has sacrificed for his family,” also reads the article.

RS President uses strongest language ever against Karadzic

From Nezavisne Novine:

The RS President, Dragan Cavic, yesterday stated that Karadzic had to surrender, or he would be arrested and transferred to The Hague. He added that the arrest of war crimes indictees had no alternative. “Karadzic must surrender, and if he does not, he will be arrested. There is no third option. It is very painful, and many Serbs find it unjust or politically colored, but it is absolutely clear that we have to resolve this issue before the situation gets worse,” said Cavic. He added that the failure to resolve this issue might result in additional pressure on the RS and its institutions. He also said that The Hague would always keep its door open for three persons: Radovan Karadzic, Ratko Mladic and General Ante Gotovina.


Balkan Ghost's analysis

In the last month, three significant events occured that changed the near-term possibility of Karadzic's arrest from "remote" to "likely":

1) The 10th anniversary of Srebrenica redrew the world's attention to the massacre and the fugitive status of its perpetrators.
2) Perhaps in response to this attention, NATO arrested Sasa Karadzic in a display of newfound willingness to make life unbearable for those near Radovan.
3) Ljiljana Karadzic broke from her previously consistent defiance to tearfully plead for her husband's surrender.

Additionally, public opinion has changed recently in Serbia with the release of a video showing Srebrenica executions. More Serbs than ever now believe that the Srebrenica massacre did in fact occur.

There is enormous momentum at the moment that shouldn't be squandered. If Karadzic can hold out until the cold weather months, when capture attempts and border regulation are most difficult, the current momentum towards his arrest will be all but gone.

NATO and EUFOR took a step in the right direction by arresting Sasa. They should continue and immediately arrest Sonja and Ljiljana Karadzic, as well as Momcilo Mandic and Cico Bjelica. Anyone with a proven tie to Radovan should be immediately arrested for questioning, then closely monitored upon release.

A new series of arrests will require great political will on behalf of NATO and EUFOR, because of the vocal resistance such efforts will generate among factions within the Republika Srpska.

But it is better for the EUFOR and NATO in Bosnia to be hated than to be irrelevant. Until recently, life has been tolerable enough for those close to Radovan for him to not seriously consider turning himself in. When it becomes intolerable, as it has for Ljiljana and Sasa lately, those closest to Radovan will plead in unison for his surrender.

One of the biggest Karadzic hunting breakthroughs ever: Ljiljana pleads for Radovan to surrender

"Our family is under constant pressures from all sides. Our lives and existence are threatened. That is why I have to make a choice between my loyalty to you and towards my children and grandchildren. And I have made it."

"It is painful and difficult for me to plead with you. However, I am pleading with you with all my heart and soul to surrender."

More pressure on RS over Karadzic... and more RS shirking

“The fact that Karadzic and Mladic are at large confirms that the IC and the RS could not or did not want to arrest them,” said Adnan Terzic, Chair of the BiH Council of Ministers, who is convinced that the RS authorities bear the ultimate responsibility for this.

Radovan Pejic, RS MUP spokesperson, said recently that the RS police were ready to arrest Karadzic and Mladic, as any other Hague fugitive, if only they knew their whereabouts. Pejic reiterated that the RS was serious in its intentions to apprehend them, but that it did not seem that the ICTY would see them soon. “We cannot disclose all details, except that Karadzic and Mladic are not in BiH,” said Pejic. “If international forces and countries in the region had tried hard enough, they would have been arrested,” said Helman.

Sonja: "Sasa traumatized" by NATO

Sonja Karadzic's comments to media after her brother Sasa's release:

“My brother is traumatized, he hardly talks to anyone, not even with the members of his
family, and we do not know what kind of questioning he was subjected to. We can only
speculate that they applied their standard procedures and methods of questioning, which
involve keeping the questioned person in dark, or under the constant exposure to harsh light.
It is evident that Aleksandar is very tired, that he has lost 10 kilograms in ten days of
detention, and that he only wants to get a decent sleep.”

She added that Sasa’s Attorney had sent a letter of protest to the Commander of the NATO HQ
in Sarajevo, General Steven Schook. The NATO HQ spokesperson, Derek Chappell,
briefly stated that members of the International Committee of Red Cross had visited
Aleksandar Karadzic during his ten-day detention, and reiterated that he had been detained
because of links with the network supporting war criminal Radovan Karadzic.

A strong case for Bosnia courts to assume Karadzic trial responsibilities

Saying that in 25 years of his experience on three continents he had not met an expert better than Meddzida Kreso, Michael Johnson, Head of the BiH Registrar’s Office, added that the BiH court was ready to process cases of war crimes, including those transferred from the Hague Tribunal. He said that the BiH Court could even try Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic. “But this does not mean that it would not need assistance and resources, given the complexity of these cases. If the BiH Court is allowed to work independently, it will be as competent as the ICTY,” said Johnson, adding that the BiH Court was getting stronger and stronger every day.

More info from the Karadzic letters

In his first letter to his “Lilika,” as he calls his wife Ljiljana, he said that he was working to change Vuk’s orthographic rules. In another letter, he said that the Hague Tribunal would never manage to prove his direct responsibility for the war in BiH and advised his wife to avoid journalists who were serving civil servants and insisting on his arrest, which, he is certain, would never take place. He advised his wife how to treat their grandchildren. He also said that he was writing a book on the former Yugoslavia that would “disturb” the world.